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celador said:
yeah same old same old, it's only a problem if white people do something. reminds me of the fuss over the Ghost in the Shell movie that was accused of whitewashing, and yet there is barely a franchise going right now made in Europe or America that has white characters changed to black characters (normally white men traded out for black men)

what is funny is that if you looked at inventions, art, tv & movies, sports, food etc around the world and what is popular, if the same rules were applied to all then white people would probably culturally 'appropriate' the least

Totally different situation.  Blacks in America were stripped of their original culture and basically forced to adopt white culture as their own.  So you can't complain now that a lot of black actors are playing white roles.  But there was no historical or cultural reason to make Motoko white.

That's why I think history matters, you know?  You should know the history of something before you wear it.  Like, you wouldn't get a Swastika tattoo just because you thought it looked cool, would you?  There's history behind that symbol!