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KingCherry said:
VGPolyglot said:

And there we have it.

You seem to have a lot to say on this matter, however it appears you don't have a fucking clue, like a lot of others commenting here!

Does it offend you that Japan openly wants to maintain their one race nation status? Or is to okay because they're in Asia? How about Saudi Arabia refusing Muslim asylum seekers, yet offering to build Mosques all over Christian countries as their way of contribution? Do you not see a problem there?

The EU accepts migrants from the Third World, then spreads them out everywhere across Western Europe. Nations who ironically take more out of the EU than they put in, like Poland, The Czech Republic & Hungary are okay, they shun non white migrants to absolutely no criticism or comeback. It's all on countries like the UK, hence the resentment.

Muslim migrants are an absolute disgrace in Britain, the level of crime committed per head is absolutely ridiculous. People born in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia top the unemployment tables. Do you know about Rotherham and the Pakistani child grooming gangs, is this acceptable to you? Now more Muslim migrants are coming in on EU passports, alongside the other feckless migrants who are then branded British after bringing nothing to the table.

It's a dangerous prospect for most, The Coudenhove Kalergi plan in action. People are right to have genuine concerns, the EU is fucking frightening, multiculturalism is cynical, and it appears you're just another useless idiot unwittingly promoting the demise of the West.

You gotta stay on topic. Why are you trying to discuss the ins and outs of immigration as a whole all of a sudden? I'll try to respond to your arguments anyway.

1st bold: Yes.

2nd bold: They didn't force them to take these immigrants. That is exactly why Poland and the Czech Republic could get away with not taking any of them. It was the UK's own decision.

3rd bold: Seems to me like lack of proper integration factors into this. By the way: it's always good to through in a couple of uncited statistics without any sources into a rant about politics. 

4th bold: I lol'd.

5th bold: Belittling your discussion partner(s) and confirming that you can't be taken seriously at once.

You just don't seem fun to be around.