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Cultural appropiation, just like toxic masculiniy is one of those often missunderstood terms, among the left and right alike.

At it's heart it's a neutral term describing a phenomenon that has happened forever.
I don't subscribe to the notion that cultural appropiation is something that is automatically bad. I also don't subcribe to the notion that it is somehow preventable or should be prevented. It certainly doesn't give anyone the justification to bully people.

Yes, some forms of cultural appropiation can be problematic or harmful, especially if it is the dominant culture appropiating a surpressed, marginilized or misstreated culture.
That is why people take offense to 'Sexy Pocahontas' halloween costumes, when naive americans where raped and massacred on a regular basis. It's sort of like me, a german, going as sexy Anne Frank for halloween.

Basically? Have a minimum amount of respect and appreciation for the culture you're borrowing from and don't just reduce it to a stereotype. Think about what you're doing and don't be an insensitive dick and you're fine in my book.