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contestgamer said:
Pemalite said:

Australia implements EU regulations when we aren't in the EU. Mostly for things like Tech/Safety standards.
And that's a good thing, because the EU have stringent guidelines and testing procedures.

Do you need to be so derogative? Who gives a shit if someone is German?
It's in the past, treat it as such.

I don't hold any ill-will for all the horrible things the British did in the past, especially when it came to the treatment of native inhabitants of various lands.

Why did it need to be stopped?
Just because someone comes from outside the EU, doesn't mean they have nefarious reasons.

Perhaps you should look towards other nations who are highly successful and multicultural as an example?

Muslims aren't a race. They aren't confined to various geographical areas.
In-fact, the majority of Muslims are not even in the Middle East.

You can have someone who is 100% European and be Muslim.
It's just bigoted nonesense in the end.

Because I want countries to maintain their identities. Multicultural countries become Americanized countries. European countries have existed for thousands of years, with rich culture, geneology, customs, etc. America/Canada can be multicultural, because thats how they were created. Not every country needs to be. I dont even care if theyre good people or not, I care about maintaining identity and heritage

1st bold: and that's our winner right here.

2nd bold: why's that important exactly? I'd like to hear your reasons behind that.