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KLAMarine said:

>Perhaps he expects his hack-and-slash games to remain hack-and-slash games and ND games to be ND games?

deskpro2k3 said:
I hear this guy likes the Metal Gear series and Asura's Wrath, both known for long cutscenes. So what will they complain about next? The grass quality?

Has TGB ever complained about long cutscenes?

FYI, here's the rant video he uploaded in 2016:


OK first of all. Who is he to say what a ND game should be like and a hack & slash game should be like? Ever heard of Way of the Warrior, from ND.

Going by your OP, yes he complained about GOW cutscenes, but as I said above I've heard he likes MGS.

Last edited by deskpro2k3 - on 29 April 2018