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So, it's that time again. Nintendo has already posted their entire schedule, and before every gaming site/twitter gamer "insider" posts what's gonna be at E3, why not try to make our own predictions, as well as who's gonna win E3.


First off, I'll start off with saying I think out of the main 3 presentations, Nintendo will win this E3, and no one has been more critical of Nintendo or switch games than me. 


Now game reveal predictions:


Metroid Prime 4: Super excited to see this game. One of my most anticipated. Hopefully for release this year.

Bayonetta 3: Another one of my most anticipated games.

New Monolith Soft project: Don't know what it is, but dispite disliking XC2, still excited to see the new game they are bringing to the table, as they have made two of my favorite games of all time, XC, and XCX.

New Fire Emblem: I like the series, played a ton of them, would love to see a Switch version.

Pokémon Switch: If shown the world will explode. This pick is a bit of a stretch.

Super Smash Bros: It's in the schedule for a tournament of this game to happen.... So obviously.

Xenosaga HD: Because it's gonna happen sooner or later. Will be great to step back in a game like X again. Excited, though I'm playing them now on my pc in 1080p.


Kingdom Hearts 3: Jesus has this been a long time coming. With all the news coming out about the new world (game and watch world) I think it'll be there. Supposed to release this year too right?

Final Fantasy VII: Hopefully the reveal of when episode 1 will release. 

Beyond Good and Evil 2: We should see a bit more of this I hope.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Seen the tiniest bit about it, rumors got it releasing this year.



We'll see the multiplats from Sony.

Anthem: Looks really cool.

That's all I can think of.



Last edited by bigtakilla - on 29 April 2018