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I’m just surprised it took this long. Teachers have been an under-appreciated resource for decades. And in the US teachers are essentially educators as well as babysitters. The fact that our economy almost always calls for both parents to work means teachers are with our children more often than we are. And when we get our kids back we get our 2 or 3. Teachers get 20-30. They deserve more and they deserve better!

I once aspired to be a teacher. But after speaking with my cousin’s wife who’s been a teacher for nearly a decade I decided against it. She makes less than I make annually and I’m a Bank Supervisor, a profession that requires no college degree. And I’m not suggesting teachers be paid like CEOs. But when your profession requires a $40,000 college degree and your base pay is as low as $33,000 it doesn’t make sense. I live in Florida and trust me we’ll be experiencing teacher strikes soon. And how sad is it that governments won’t pay for teachers’ resources but they’re willing to pay for them to train how to use a gun? But that’s a different debate all together.


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