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KLAMarine said:

1. 14 minutes is too long for my taste especially when compared to predecessors and how quickly they jumped into the action. Was it boring? I thought so, I'm used to Kratos yelling and ripping monsters apart. I'm used to God of War games and hack-and-slash games in general getting my adrenaline pumping, not to relax me like a stroll at a park.

2. The video in the OP acknowledges there are moves to be learned (5:55, 15:55). He says he likes this. I think his beef is just things like increasing strength don't do much to teaching Kratos new moves. A swing of Kratos's axe at strength 5 plays the same as one at strength 6 or 7.

3. In my opinion, yes. More extreme cinematic sequences are a bad thing.

4. I think it's more a fact of this new GoW moving away from the hack-and-slash conventions which existed in the franchise prior. Kratos can't jump anymore, the camera is glued to Kratos's back now, there are walking sections now, no more combo counter. I'm sure this new God of War will get tons of fans but for old-time fans like TheGamingBrit, this new God of War formula just doesn't seem for him.

5. Maybe The Last of Us DID take inspiration from Ico but when TLoU released in 2013, it was a new IP. This new God of War is one with previous titles being hack-and-slash titles with fans of said genre partaking in the game.

They're two different scenarios where TLoU is a new franchise giving it a chance to establish its identity. God of War 4 is a franchise grabbing some conventions from a disparate title and betraying some of its previous identity. Could you imagine if The Last of Us 2 were to become a kart racer or turn-based strategy or multiplayer only? I think some people would reach for their torches and pitchforks.

Youre basicaly criticising the game for being exactly what it set out to be, its like watching a comedy and then saying it sucks cause its a comedy not an horror movie. Youd have a point if the game had been advertised as more of the same and then you got it and it was completly different, when in fact they said from the get go, this is very very different from the old games, anyone who plays it expecting the old games will obviously be disapointed.

Point 2 is nonsensical tough, stats work like that, they don't change mechanics (some even actualy do, like luck and cooldown) they just make you stronger, thats how stats work. And there are a lot of depth to the whole thing here, you have talismans with different use powers, different rune skills, enchantments with a multitude of different passive abilitys, pommels that have a multitude of effects that affect gameplay and even armor sets that give you some extra skills that will also have a visible impact on gameplay (aside from learnable skills).

About point 4, thats just not true, ppl who don't want anything to change have a problem with the new GoW, but a lot of ppl who love the series (me included) played the new GoW and loved it to bits understanding that this was a different take on the series and because it has enormous respect and love to the lore of the world and the character of Kratos. Also the gameplay is pure fun.

And adressing the comparison to TLoU again, this game ahs nothing in common to that one, aside from having a companion, and even that isn't very similar cause Atreus is fundamentaly integrated on the gameplay. I played on the "Give me God of War" difficulty and completed 100% of the game, the difficulty is super brutal and Atreus is the key to sucess, the kid can do wonders in battle, by himself and at your command, without him the gameplay looses half of its fun.

Also the whole underline worry that the youtuber has, that this game is bad for the industry because it has too much story, is a falacy caus ethe industry needs as many single player games as it can get since companies nowadays only want to do some multiplayer arena of whatever with no story where you repeatedly do the same thing over and over again and gets addicted.

Last edited by DakonBlackblade - on 29 April 2018