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Intrinsic said:
KLAMarine said:

1.Here's God of War 3's opening. It takes three minutes before you get to do what will be the bulk of the gameplay:

I think I prefer the former over the latter.

The first God of War was even quicker. Gameplay starts at 1:20


2. I think the point the video in the OP makes is that increasing strength for example doesn't change the fact that Kratos will still be swinging his axe just the same during fights. Compare that to old God of War games where upgrades meant new moves that were more damaging and involved Kratos adding to the list of maneuvers and combos he could execute.


3. I agree GoW has always had cinematic sequences, the YouTuber in the OP wouldn't say GoW games were perfect but see how God of War 3, 4, and 1 all start up and this newest one seems it's taking the cinematic aspects to greater extremes.

4. As long as a game is made in a way faithful to the franchise's roots, at least to a degree, I think things should be fine. GoW4 seems like a very extreme deviation from the franchise's roots, too extreme for TheGamingBrit at least.

5. It certainly sounds insane but I never thought God of War would seek guidance from The Last of Us. It doesn't seem like an evolution, it seems more like borrowing from other games for the sake of wanting to tell a story.

Wanting to tell a story in a video game is nothing new.

Was the whole father-child dynamic not already covered with The Last of Us franchise?


  1. So let me understand something, because it took 14mins before you got to the actual fighting in G)W4, that is somehow a bad thing? Was it a boring 14mins? was the 14mins just filler? Or was it an introduction to th emuch more opwn nature of the new game?

  2. Ok... this is why I say complaining for the sake of complaining. Because GOW4 does exactly what you feel the youtuber is adhering to and then some. When yu upgrade your weapons, you unlock not just more attack power but it unlocks new moves that you now have access to on that upgrade level. And then you choose whcih moves you want to learn. So I really don't get the point here......

  3. Is this a bad thing? Cause the way its being said is like the game has lost all its gameplay roots and has gone full on quantic dream on us.  Whereas thats just not true. This game has more gameplay depth tahn any of the previous games had. 

  4. Well, that just sounds like he wanted to play the original three. actually the original 6 gmaes again..... I didn't even buy accension cause i was burnt out on the series. This game just doesn't breath new life into the series, but its probbaly going to e the best selling GOW game ever.  Sounds like the youtuber is against change, so much so that he looks at everything that is different as bad.

  5. Ok, talk like that just sounds myopic to me. So does that mean TLoU took guidance from ICO? or any other game with a companion? I simply hate how gamers waste no time to put things in these nice little categories as opposed to take a game at its own merits. Like really, is teher is single game that is not taking cues from another game somewhere?
Again, I have no qualms with opinions and all that? But these just sound obtuse and there for the sake of being there and sounding different. Like none of the things complained about are bad.
Its like hating on a spiderman movie because they used blue in his costume just like superman wears blue....


1. 14 minutes is too long for my taste especially when compared to predecessors and how quickly they jumped into the action. Was it boring? I thought so, I'm used to Kratos yelling and ripping monsters apart. I'm used to God of War games and hack-and-slash games in general getting my adrenaline pumping, not to relax me like a stroll at a park.

2. The video in the OP acknowledges there are moves to be learned (5:55, 15:55). He says he likes this. I think his beef is just things like increasing strength don't do much to teaching Kratos new moves. A swing of Kratos's axe at strength 5 plays the same as one at strength 6 or 7.

3. In my opinion, yes. More extreme cinematic sequences are a bad thing.

4. I think it's more a fact of this new GoW moving away from the hack-and-slash conventions which existed in the franchise prior. Kratos can't jump anymore, the camera is glued to Kratos's back now, there are walking sections now, no more combo counter. I'm sure this new God of War will get tons of fans but for old-time fans like TheGamingBrit, this new God of War formula just doesn't seem for him.

5. Maybe The Last of Us DID take inspiration from Ico but when TLoU released in 2013, it was a new IP. This new God of War is one with previous titles being hack-and-slash titles with fans of said genre partaking in the game.

They're two different scenarios where TLoU is a new franchise giving it a chance to establish its identity. God of War 4 is a franchise grabbing some conventions from a disparate title and betraying some of its previous identity. Could you imagine if The Last of Us 2 were to become a kart racer or turn-based strategy or multiplayer only? I think some people would reach for their torches and pitchforks.

Last edited by KLAMarine - on 28 April 2018