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DakonBlackblade said:

First I want say I 200% agree with your post overall, while ppl will have different opinions most of the criticism this youtuber throws around is just objectively wrong. And I wanted to adress point 5  specifically, I recently watched a spoilercast with Cory Barlog (the Easy Allies one) where he said he felt realy sad ppl used the comparison with The Last of Us as something negative, that he couldn't understand why anyone would compare the game with one of the greatest games ever made and make it seen like a negative thing. Altough I don't agree that the game feels like or even was inspired by The Last of Us, if it was the case that'd be perfectly fine cause if you gona get inspiration from something it might as well be from the most lauded game ever made.

Yh, its really messed up. And in truth just goes to show how childish and small minded a lot of people are.

Ok, so the camera is over the shoulder, and you have a companion..... well so thats TLoU. I mean RE4 did the whole over the shoulder thing almsot 14 years ago. And before it theer were other games too that dabbled with it. Hell even gears had an over the shoulder cam too.... all of a sudden GOW doing it and having a companion makes it TLoU.

Why this comes off as shallow is that in their rush to putthe game in a box they miss out the parts that they really ought to have seen in the first place if playing the game was what they were doing. in this case, its that BOY is very very very useful. There are even some enemies you can't beat unless you use him. You can control him to a degree so he isn't "just theer to flesh out the story" as some would have us believe.

I mean GOW and TLoU is so different, that at no single point during my still ongoing 50hr plus playthrough did I stop to think.... yh, this is like TLoU. So when I hear people say that, I can't help but feel they are just calling it a ship because its in water.