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I think this thread makes no sense cause GoW has one of the best gameplay if not the very best in the history of hack and slash games. It also has an actualy hard hardest difficulty wich manages to stay hard even if you do every concieavable sidequest wich is a very big plus in my book.

Intrinsic said: 

5 Ok, talk like that just sounds myopic to me. So does that mean TLoU took guidance from ICO? or any other game with a companion? I simply hate how gamers waste no time to put things in these nice little categories as opposed to take a game at its own merits. Like really, is teher is single game that is not taking cues from another game somewhere?

Again, I have no qualms with opinions and all that? But these just sound obtuse and there for the sake of being there and sounding different. Like none of the things complained about are bad.
Its like hating on a spiderman movie because they used blue in his costume just like superman wears blue....


First I want say I 200% agree with your post overall, while ppl will have different opinions most of the criticism this youtuber throws around is just objectively wrong. And I wanted to adress point 5  specifically, I recently watched a spoilercast with Cory Barlog (the Easy Allies one) where he said he felt realy sad ppl used the comparison with The Last of Us as something negative, that he couldn't understand why anyone would compare the game with one of the greatest games ever made and make it seen like a negative thing. Altough I don't agree that the game feels like or even was inspired by The Last of Us, if it was the case that'd be perfectly fine cause if you gona get inspiration from something it might as well be from the most lauded game ever made.

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