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StarDoor said:
Miyamotoo said:

Here is where you wrong, because you look how Nintendo managed MK games on two different platforms in same time, but huge difference is that Switch is becoming only active Nintendo platform, and every Nintendo platform had only one MK game. So it big question if Switch will receive another MK game at all, and if it gets, when exactly could get it. IMO if Nintendo is releasing another MK game for Switch I dont see it before 2020. because MK8D will keep selling great.

You do realize that this is the exact position I took, right? You know, because 2020 is 3 years after 2017?

No Nintendo platform since the Game Boy has ever not had its own unique Mario Kart game.

My point is that its not certain at all that Switch will receive another MK game, and if it will get it will not get before 2020.

Its not point about unique MK game, but point about one MK game per platform.



StarDoor said:
leedlelee said: 

I'm with you Miyamtoo...

As long as MK8D continues to sell absurd numbers, Nintendo has absolutely no motivation to f*ck up its momentum...

There's also the issue of brand confusion, which Nintendo definitely wants to avoid...

And then there's the concern of having to convince the casual consumer that a second Mario Kart game wouldn't be a redundant experience...

Well, fortunately for people who actually want Nintendo to make games, it makes far more sense for them to release a brand new Mario Kart than to just ride out MK8, given the number of overlap buyers. It's not like Pokemon X/Y would have sold 32 million copies had Sun and Moon not existed.

MK8 sold 8.5 million on Wii U. If you think that none of those people bought MK8D, then there are at minimum 8.5 million people to whom there hasn't been a new Mario Kart released since 2014. And if you think that a large portion of those people did buy MK8D, then in what world would they say "yes" to a remaster but "no" to an entirely new game?

Consumers weren't confused by Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Or Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. Or Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Pokemon Black/White. Or Pokemon X/Y and Pokemon Sun/Moon. Or Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5. Or Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Or the 15 Call of Duty games. And the list goes on. But you think they would be confused by going from Mario Kart 8 to Mario Kart 9? Are consumers also going to think that GTA6 is a redundant experience because they already have GTA5 on PS4 and XOne?

The market will certainly be ready for a new Mario Kart in 2020.

Offcourse that all people want Nintendo to make more games, but that doesnt mean they need to made 2 MK games on one platform, they can make some other game instead second MK game for Switch (maybe Didy Kong Racing 2). MK and Pokemon are totaly difrent IPs, there is reason why MK is one game per platform and why almost every platform had multiply Pokemon games.

MK8D Switch already passed those 8.5m on Wii U in one year, so yes, that clearly show there is no need for new MK game on Switch.

Its not point if someone will be confused (it wouldnt be) but that IPs like MK, Smash Bros and now Splatoon are one game per platform, there is reason why we always had only one MK or Smash game per platform. Because MK8D is a port, we got it only 1 month after Switch launch, and because Nintendo said they want that Switch have longer life span than usual 6 years, we could get onother MK game on Switch, but thats not certain and they definitely don't need another MK game.

Last edited by Miyamotoo - on 28 April 2018