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Mar1217 said:
setsunatenshi said:

how about the so called "other feminist activist" start being the first ones to purge this type of cancerous ideas and people propagating them from their core instead of complaining when others do it in their stead?

fucking tired of these whiners trying to dictate how artists are or aren't allowed to express themselves

and this is coming from an actual progressive who believes in the strive for equality of opportunity for all

Problem is that our medias make it so that only a vocal minority gets heard, be it for the worst or the best.

Anywoo, when I meant other feminist activist, I meant other feminist who doesn't fall into the same category. By example, you can't categorize an ecologist-feminist in the same group as  muslim feminist since their ideology they identify to is still different. Talking about diversity of tactics in a same arrangement.

So, asking a black feminist to go and stop this cancerous mess of white/western feminism wouldn't bold well with their ideology.

I don't even understand using that stupid meaningless lable when aparently it can't be used to group anyone. All the sjws are apparently outliers unaware they aren't the "true feminists".


It's that darn media that only gives a soapbox to these squeeky wheels... well if you ask me they are the popular ones among that movement, so if anythig they are the real representatives of what feminism is.


So rather asking people not to judge other feminists by the actions and worda of these sjw types, i would recommend dropping the lable and focus on arguing for whatever ideals any given person has.


It's just me venting here, i'm not directing this out at you as I have no idea if you were just playing devil's advocate here