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Errorist76 said:

Not gonna give this guy one click, sorry.

The only way GoW might be bad for the industry is because it sets a new standard, just like TLOU back then, which from now on will make one look at other games with different eyes because we’re so spoiled.

In this case, it made the YouTuber lament the dramatic shift from hack-and-slash to more TLoU-like conventions.

People who loved TLoU would probably like this new GoW but at the cost of alienating fans of the older GoW games. Could DMC and other hack-and-slash be next with the walking segments that eat up time and touchy-feely storytelling considering how successful GoW4 was?

d21lewis said:
Not gonna watch the video. I'll just quote Kratos from the first few minutes of the game:

"Everything is different, boy. Don't dwell on it."

And I'll quote the video: "I'd much rather have a quicktime event that lasts seconds than a walking segment that lasts minutes."

I disliked the fact that GTA 5 featured more cinematic elements in its missions and being told that "it's different, don't dwell on it" doesn't do much to make the missions more fun and gamey like in previous GTAs.

DialgaMarine said:
Sounds like the type that came into the game wanting to be dissapointed, so all he did was go out of his way to find whatever flaws he could, and even make some up.

What flaws did he make up?