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HollyGamer said:
Kerotan said:

Any tech heads out there know if this technology is any closer to being used in a ps4? I believe Sony won't release a ps4 super slim or pro slim until they can use the 7nm tech. 


Also let's say ps5 is out in 2.5 years. Will that use 7nm aswell or can they go lower? 

7nm to 5 nm is still possible for cheaper price   , below then that it's also possible but it will be expensive (moor law/ not worth it)   . 

So i believe they will using 7 nm  (it was previously mention by Digital foundry ) another reason is  AMD still struggling on 5 nm size.  

Not just AMD everyone in the world is.
7nm so far is the best thats possible for mass production.

Intel are haveing trouble with 10nm..... it was supposed to be usable in 2016..... but now it looks like it wont be ready until 2019.

"Intel is once again delaying the release of its next-generation 10nm Cannon Lake processors, with mass production on the chips now expected for 2019 instead of the end of 2018."