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thismeintiel said:
melbye said:
I have been speculating that Sony intends to release a new slim version of PS4 Pro, but now i am not so sure. I do however think that they intend to discontinue the regular PS4

Why would they get rid of the OG PS4? That would make no sense. It's the one that sells the most, making up ~80% of PS4 sales. The only thing the forecast really shows is that Sony isn't going for any major price cuts this year. Probably just $50 for each. 

The Pro has been out for nearly 2 years without a price-cut, so it is bound to get a price-cut in the near future. When the Pro is below $300 i believe the regular PS4 becomes redundant. Sure they could cut the price on the Slim to $200, but if that was the case then they would have projected sales a lot higher than 16 million. But at the end of the day what the hell do i know