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John2290 said:
Really cool it's going to eclipse the PS1 sales but I have to admit I was hoping it had a chance at beating the PS2.

FY 2013 - 7.5M
FY 2014 - 14.8M (22.3M Total)
FY 2015 - 17.7M (40M Total)
FY 2016 - 20M (60M Total)
FY 2017 - 19M (79M Total)

------------ guessing below:

FY 2018 - 18M (97M Total)
FY 2019 - 16M (113M Total)
FY 2020 - 12M (125M Total)  (PS5 has now launched and PS4 sales slow)

Then maybe over the next 4 years it does another 10m?
Total sales of PS4 ends up around ~134m or so.

So I dont think it ll beat the PS2 in total sales.... However I can see it going over 130m, which isnt a bad number at all.