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"Shadow of the Tomb Raider is grimdark personified. Lara has clearly worked through any lingering remorse associated with stabby murder she felt in the previous games and emerged a deadly killing machine. Now she stabs with nary a care, willy nilly, in the chest, in the back, in the neck. More so than ever, she is a Ubisoft assassin, an Agent 47, a Tom Clancy super soldier.

I've come to accept Lara killing her way through hundreds of bad guys as she works to save the world. Naughty Dog's Uncharted series suffers from the same ludo-narrative dissonance as you switch from bloody shootout to emotional cutscene as the wise-cracking Nathan Drake and I still love those games. But the upshot of Tomb Raider's deathly tone is Lara feels empty, as if she has no personality. "

"The demo I played, which involved a stealth combat section that triggers after you lift the Mayan artifact from its home and must escape the crumbling ruins, betrayed the build's shaky foundations. Movement was a tad janky, the shooting a little erratic, the hitboxes a bit all over the place. I encountered a few bugs and on occasion the camera decided to embed itself within my troublesome cover. " 

"I'll soldier through Shadow of the Tomb Raider with this current version of Lara Croft, but I doubt she'll have made much of an impression by the game's end."

- EuroGamer

Wow... that doesnt sound good.

Sounds like it looks pretty, but story/gameplay isnt great.