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CuCabeludo said:

Facebook moved 1.5 billion European users' data out of Europe to circumvent new European user privacy law. Any company can just move the operations/servers out of any country easily and give a giant middle finger.

These companies can just do the same and be free of this new rules, players can still play but they won't have local servers anymore or use a VPN at the worst case (region IP block).

HAhaha... the problem is, this isn't just 2 small countries, this will be the european union. This got all the track to be brought to the commission specifically to stop abuses.

Europe isn't the US buddy. Companies don't fuck us here, we fuck the companies.

If they want out, they are gonna have to go out of the whole EU market. That is a huge profit market impossible to ignore.

What can happen is the US keeps the scammy lootboxes but EU gets different game design. I am fine with that. The americans have to fight to defend their rights.


Even if they want to remove from the market, i assure you we are perfectly fine with that. It's more their loss than ours.

There's nothing sadder than businessmen who think they can evade the law. Any court of law will see that behaviour of atempting to evade the law as clear as day and take action.

At the end of the day, the services can just be permanently blocked by the governments. Don't think businessmen are smart. They aren't. They always get their due sooner or later.

Last edited by Nem - on 27 April 2018