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So, i've been pondering one of the most important questions to humanity ... 

as someone who loves Mexican cuisine, I have to ask : Burrito, Enchilada, or Chimichinaga?

If you don't know the difference, here is a basic description: 


"Traditionally, a burrito involves a flour tortilla that’s fully wrapped around one or more ingredients. In other words, you could call a Subway “wrap” a burrito. Burritos can be filled with just about anything, including meat, cheese, eggs, sausage, sauce, beans, and several different types of vegetables."


(A Breakfast Burrito) 


"Enchiladas are small corn tortillas wrapped around a filling. They’re usually served in a bed of sauce with a sprinkling of cheese on top. The sauce and fillings both vary somewhat based on where you are and what you order."



"Chimichangas are deep fried burritos. Fillings vary based on location and exactly what the chef is going for, but I’m most familiar with chimichangas having slow-cooked beef and peppers inside of them. Other fillings include rice, beans, cheese, and different types of meat. Chimichangas are often served with a generous helping of sour cream, guacamole, enchilada sauce, and/or cheese on top, although this also varies. Notably, you usually don’t find these things inside the burrito due to the fact that it’s deep fried."



So...what do you pick? For me, I'm going to have to go with Chimichanga. Honestly ... I find Enchiladas downright appalling and even though I love Burritos, Chimichangas are like the Super Saiyans of Burritos. 



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