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BlackBeauty said:
thismeintiel said:

Nope. PS4 had only two months tracked then. Nov was launch month. And Dec it was heavily supply constrained. It did what the Switch did at launch, sell as many as Sony could manufacture. It really only had one holiday, just like the Switch. 

That’s not how consumers buying trends work.

Games like music/albums launched during the holiday will get a boost due to holiday spending (there’s no such thing as launch month). PS4 launch was affected by the holiday rush. Also one of the main reasons why most products launch during the holiday to take advantage of this rush. This isn’t unique to gaming hardware. 

PS4 wouldn’t have sold as it did without launching in November. 

Had the switch launched during the holiday it would’ve sold even more than it did in March. 

Uh no. The Switch would only have sold more because possibly there would have been more stock by then. Other than that, it would have sold the exact same. Last gen had been going on for 8 years when the PS4 and XBO launched. People were desperate for a new gen. The PS4, like I said, would have sold the exact amount because it sold as much as they manufactured. Doesn't matter when it launched.