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Nuvendil said:
JRPGfan said:

Its shipped, and 1,29m on shelves is possible..... so no its not undertracked at all.

Actually 1.29m seems pretty high for this particular period.  So yes, I would say it is undertracked, just not to the level people think.

What? haha


it seems about normal, it should even be  somewhat more and be 2m+ before/after holidays.



I'm bored to analyze it, one thing, there are 380k ns units  on the shelves in Japan when in the previous quarter it had 100k and sold that  in the FW of Jan, not supply constraint anymore.



Imagine how much stock it has in Americas and others/Europe where supply issues had been fixed by the end of 2017.

Last edited by tak13 - on 26 April 2018