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CrazyGamer2017 said:

It's a good game so it sells too on PC, what's so special about that? If God of War would be released on PC it would sell even more than Hellblade.

I'm not trying to put down anything as much as you are obviously trying to glorify PC gaming. I don't have a problem with that but if you do I'll have to point out that the game is a good game so more sales by adding it to PC is not a surprise to me. PC is no better than consoles gaming contrary to what your signature alludes. And there is nothing natural about playing games with a keyboard and mouse as those were made for data processing and later on adapted to gaming. If you prefer those to play that's fine and you won't hear me complain about it but if you are going to glorify one form of gaming over another don't be surprised if people debunks your beliefs.

By that logic, what's so special about any game selling anywhere else for that matter?.

The devs found it special to them, because they targeted PS4 initially. The sales that followed afterward provided them a 50/50 split. So they were originally likely thinking that PS4 would have sold the majority, considering that they said they originally geared it towards that platform. 


"obviously trying to glorify PC gaming".


And how is that?. I posted a thread about the devs expressing their surprise for their PC sales. I'm into PC gaming so I felt like posting the thread in covering that part of the news. Nothing "glorified" about it.

Neither platform is equal either, so I'm not sure why you're getting super fussy about that, as well as once again taking a crack shot at me for my forum sig (which is going down into personal territory and going off the thread's discussion track at that).


There is also nothing special about playing it with a gamepad either, so really you're just bickering about trying to cancel news out with something else that's entirely different. 


Except I'm not trying to glorify anything at all...

That's you trying to pick a personal fight, which you seemed to lack letting go from the last time we talked.