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Estonia trying to emulate Croatia from last year singing in Italian, I don't know if it'll work for them but the performance is good, at least in the video. Germany might finally leave the bottom of the rankings but I don't think they'll win, their singer is good but lyrics and the rimes don't strike much. Israel's song is so dorky it hurts, the problem is it's purposefully dorky but still comes out as bad :/

As for my country, Italy, I like the message of the song and enjoy the shift from last year but I still fear the problem is that we don't perform as well as we're supposed to on the stage, last year Gabbani had one of his worst performances of the song during the final, I hope it doesn't happen again with this song, I still feel like as long as we sing in italian (which we should keep doing) we won't get as much attention as other competitors