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PortisheadBiscuit said:
iron_megalith said:

Because it's true on some instances?

But yeah let's just always assume the victim didn't do anything wrong to escalate the matter. That's always the narrative you people want to push which gave birth the a dumb meme of dindu nuffin.

Why is it that the victims are held to the standard of compliance in your eyes, but not the officers? They have protocols to follow as well, and most importantly their badge is supposed to symbolize serving and protecting not intimation and murder. 

Such strong stench of False Dichotomy. The officers are expected to act on a compliance to their SOPs. Their job isn't so simple as there is a gray line that they are most of the time put up against in very tense situation. In very stressful instances they have to make a decision in a split second. Ordering people to not aggravate and comply is a way to stop a situation from getting worse and lessening the chances of anyone, including them, from make the wrong decisions.

Officers are human beings that also are prone to messing up. You make a move that is seemingly to be a threat, then they make a judgement based on what the spur of the moment demands. If they deemed it's life threatening, then it doesn't matter what you guys think at that moment.

But how do we stop this? Just comply, stop being a bitch and ultimately fucking calm down.

The best thing you can do if you deemed that you have been wrongfully apprehended is to make a case. But how are you going to make a case when you tussled with an officer leading to you being shot and killed? Then possibly people with malicious intent will use your death for their own agendas. Pretty fun world huh?

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