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zorg1000 said:
Slownenberg said:
Damn wait it cost $10 LESS on Wii U??

Wow that's crazy. Yeah considering it was $50 on Wii U if anything this game should be $40 on the Switch. Hopefully it gets poor sales and then Nintendo drops price to $40 by the holidays.

I dont agree with it costing more than the original release but i definitely dont want it to fail. The game is amazing and is totally worth the asking price and deserves to sell far better than it did on Wii U.

Well I just mean until they cut the price, then I'd love if it did really well.

Really, a 4 year old port of a game that cost less than full price on initial release costing full price for the port is just insane. I love that they are porting Wii U games to the Switch, and I have heard this game is awesome, but these should be $40 games. I guess Mario Kart is similar, though adding a battle mode and having all the dlc could justify the full price tag, though with Mario Kart I consider it the Switch's Mario Kart, rather than just porting an old game, because while the Switch may get another Mario Kart its not gonna come out for a bunch of years because 8 DX is THE Switch Mario Kart.