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PortisheadBiscuit said:
iron_megalith said:

I won't say that doesn't happen, but there were a lot of incidents that made it in the news that were just plain dumb on the "victim's" part.

They don't understand that any signs of non compliance can lead to an escalated case where an officer in duty can be shot. The threshold for "Maximum Tolerance" varies. When the authorities say you stop and get on your knees. Just fucking do it. If they seem tense, don't fucking move. But no. Here in America we exercise our "Rights" muscle just so we can be an absolute dick. When an officer takes you down or shoots you because it since they deemed that your actions might pose a grave threat to their safety, you or those who want to take advantage of the situation will twist things. They call foul play, excessive force and the worst case, cry racism and take to the streets.  People just really have narrow minds or like to twist the arm of the authorities just so they can drive their destructive agendas.

I'll pay 10 bucks these anarchists won't even set foot at being cops, or if they do, they would to a real fucking shit job at it.

And the ones who were unarmed, complied, and still killed??


"I won't say that doesn't happen"

If you're baiting me into saying there are no rotten cops then I'm sorry to disappoint you. However you must accept that cops are also human beings who value their life.

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