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Chazore said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

@bolded haha no. I meant because you said it didn't sound like neither scenario was the case, that your conclusion didn't seem that bad (twisting arms and financial purchases both have their negatives, so the fact that you came to neither conclusion sounded good). 

I don't disagree with anything you said.

It sounds like this is a dream job for at least one of the particular higher ups at Campo Santo : 

(at 11:00 onwards)

When you look at the article, it sounded more like they were invited over and they felt a connection and liked their philosophies. 

It didn't really tell signs that they had their arms twisted, or being outright bought for massive stacks either (because Respawn made sure to let everyone know that news).


Ah that guy, I remember his famous TF2 dance videos a few years back. Nice to see he finally got noticed and got somewhere with it (Valve's SFM is really something).

I think I got confused. I thought you were talking about Valve negatively when you said "Valve actually had the balls to acquire somebody" as if it was an unethical company take over.