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JRPGfan said:
Barkley said:

Right, but my point wasn't just that they rated PlayStation games lower than Meta, my point was that they do it to a greater degree then games by other companies, so it was 12.9 points lower on average for those games I listed, now let's look at the last 10 Nintendo games they reviewed.

kirby                                 Meta: 73    Edge: 70
xenoblade                       Meta: 83    Edge: 70
fe warriors                       Meta: 74    Edge: 70
metroid                            Meta: 85    Edge: 60
smo                                   Meta: 97    Edge: 100
mario + Rabbids              Meta: 85    Edge: 90
Hey! Pikmin                      Meta: 69   Edge: 60
Splatoon 2                         Meta: 83   Edge: 80
Arms                                  Meta: 77    Edge: 90
Super Bomberman R :    Meta: 62    Edge: 40

So that's 5.8 points lower... So recently Edge has reviewed....

PlayStation Games 12.9 points lower on average
Nintendo Games 5.8 Points lower on average

So Edge are Pro-Nintendo and Anti-Sony? it looks that way.

The post you're quoting shows Nintendo games are also scored below average, so I don't know how you could come to those two simultaneous conclusions.

Last edited by VGPolyglot - on 21 April 2018