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I didn't say that Jaguar isn't more powerful than the Cell but the performance difference isn't there to emulate the Cell architecture and it is known to be very complicated and more different to the x86 architecture than the PowerPC architecture in the 360. Where did I insult his intelligence? He seems to not have knowledge about various architectures which I do to some degree and appears to consider emulation to be independent of the ability of the hardware which it is not. I was just telling him that, it surely has nothing to do with intelligence as microprocessor architecture isn't common knowledge.

Who says you need to emulate anything? Did you not look anything up? (Binary Translation, Virtualization, Code Morphing)

If you think Microsoft is emulating every single aspect of the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One, you are kidding yourself.
I think people conflate how emulation is done on PC to how it should be on consoles, there is more than one approach to achieving backwards compatibility...

The Cell is PowerPC based, just like the Xbox 360.

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