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hentai_11 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
Only 4? :O

Which ones? I'm assuming FIFA is included based on that description, but what are the other 3?
The folowing quote can be found in the source: "In the study, the Gaming Authority does not mention names of games that violate the rules. If the games are not modified, the names will be announced. The regulator has looked at the most popular games with loot boxes. If the items can be traded, the games are in violation. This applies in any case to these popular games: Fifa18, Dota2, PubG and Rocket League. Behind those games are the companies EA, Valve, PubG Corporation and Psyonix."
The text was in a grey box, which is probably the reason that poklane forgot to add it.

I didn't mention it as I'm 99% sure it's just an assumption by the writer. We'll see in 8 weeks I guess.