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John2290 said:
setsunatenshi said:

Ah so if you haven't yet read through (and I mean the manga rather than the anime) I absolutely recommend Berserk.

Just to be sure, there are 2 main arcs to it which before a certain event and after this same event.

In the pre-event (and I'm being vague on purpose here) the cosmic horror / gore elements are slowly introduced to the story.

In the post-event it goes 100% into what I assume a Lovecraftian nightmare could look like.


The anime (the old one) only deals with the story up until this specific event, the new one might go past it but I haven't seen it yet, so the recommendation goes to the manga from my side.


Check it out, I think you'll see a LOT of connections to Bloodborne in specific

This might sound ignorant but what's the difference between manga and anime? Is Manga a novel as opposed to animation?

Anime is animation while manga are comics. Manga is distinct from other types of comics in that they are often written & drawn by one person, are often black & white, and they often have actual endings rather than continue on forever under different creators.