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John2290 said:
setsunatenshi said:
I would say that familiarity with Berserk would also be a big plus to more closely relate to the story in Bloodborne.

In my case Bloodborne was my introduction to some of HPL mythos. Ever since finishing it I was curious to get some audiobooks and definitely started appreciating more the cosmic horror genre.

So I guess it can go both ways.

I can see how bloodborne would spark that llve, yeah. Didn't think of it working im the other direction tbh, I guess I'm fixating on the terminology more than anything on reflection yet I forget people could still pick up the story through extra attentiveness without having the terms and imagery used evoke a wider understanding of lovecraft and Cosmic horror lore. It does seem a lot of people out there say BB  little or no story which is so wrong it pains, haha.

What I did realize after was how few good adaptations of this theme exist in modern media.

The movie adaptations of the Lovecraft books all seem like low budget type B-movies. I went through some audiobooks, but the pacing of the stories was really made for a different time. The slow build up can be a bit of a chore for more modern audiences.

I really think the ideal format for a modern take on cosmic horror should be in an episodic form (series, anime, etc).

Berserk was really good, especially the manga, and did evoke a lot of the more gruesome aspects of cosmic horror. I wish there was more stuff like this to consume nowadays.