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I would say that the appreciation for BB stems from your enjoyment of cosmic horror, whether you have encountered it before or not. ] remember loving 'Event Horizon' back in 97 without having a clue as to what this 'new genre' of horror should be called. Years later through D&D I discovered Lovecraft and, well, finding a new subgenre is fairly exciting.

Beyond all that, digging for the story is also not everyone's cuppa. BB was my first real attempt at a Souls game, and much like in Silent Hill I found myself annoyed, irritated, frustrated, and ultimately angered by how nobody acts like a human being. I found myself asking "why is EVERYBODY taciturn and lifeless, reminiscent of filler one-line town NPCs from 8-bit RPGs? Nobody has written a journal or taken decent notes?" I personally found it difficult to get invested in the setting when the entire cast of characters act like lizard people.