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John2290 said:
HyrulianScrolls said:

That's what I meant as well by calling them "JRPGs". However, I do kind of understand where that poster is coming from, since JRPG is more of a style of game than just simply any RPG made by Japanese devs. I can see how MHW and Nier don't totally fit that style. Not the way NNK2 and P5 do at least. 

By that definition maybe mMHW can be scratched off but Nier Automata is about as JRPG-y as it gets. Hell, FF15 can't be classified as JRPG under that criteria. Nonsense talk.

I haven't played it mind you, but Nier sounds like it skews very action heavy for traditional JRPG  standards. Regardless, I'd still call them all JRPGs, hence my thread title.