Nuvendil said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
This game will be like the Disgaea series. Great but criminally underrated because too many reviewers won't like the graphics.

Thus far I've only seen praise for the visuals?

That's because the only people talking about it right now are the ones with enough taste to appreciate the unique direction of the visuals. The biggest sites in the video game press have a nasty habit of just hiring a freelance writers to do reviews, instead of finding someone that genuinely likes videogames. IGN, Gamespot, Metro, and several others do exactly that with 30+ random writers on staff. The result is a lot of sites recommending Battlefront II, and a lot of sites not getting JRPGs. This is because a random writer, with kids, a full time job, and little interest in video games, will be more likely to enjoy something like Battlefront, over a JRPG with alphamap visuals. 

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