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iceland said:
Zombie9ers said:

He's been bombing Sony exclusives ever since they stood him up for an interview after the original Infamous was released.  He went the longest time without even reviewing a playstation game after that.  Now he cherry picks their exclusive games and usually posts bomb reviews months, sometimes years after their release. He was the sole reviewer to give both Journey and The Last of Us poor/mixed reviews. How he's an accredited reviewer on Metacritic I'll never know.

Horizon: Zero Dawn QT3 60  Meta 89

Infamous: Second Son - QT3 40 Meta 80

Last of Us QT3 60 Meta 95

Journey QT3 40 Meta 92

Uncharted 2 QT3 60 Meta 96

Uncharted 3 QT3 40 Meta 92

Metal Gear Solid 4 QT3 20 Meta 94

I remember when he gave Halo 4 and Forza Horizon 2 a 2/10....

Seems like he likes the attention, and MC wont remove him because he's a backer...

You mean that he's paying money to be able to lower games' MC scores because he hates Sony and MS?


That's just sad, the poor guy! XD