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I’ve seen some people are hoping Quartertothree doesn’t review the newest GoW, mainly because of their track-record with wierdly scored reviews. A person asked this in the comment section for another review on that site:


«Tom, do you intend to review Divinity Original Sin 2 or upcoming God of War?»


For which he «Tom (reviewer)» answered:


«As for God of War, true story: I didn’t know there was a new God of War until last week when a friend asked me about it. She said something about Kratos’ son and I was all, like, wait, what, his son? That’s how out of the loop I am with console releases. I see it’s doing well on Metacritic, so I presume some people think it’s really good.»


Source, comment section:

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War: