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After several years of Phil being the head of MS. A lot of PR methods are really showing. So here is a quick look into good old Phil's notebook on how to PR.


1- always say that first party is important on twitter. And say stuff like you want to improve it and build it further. Never say something specific


2- say the word "games" as much as possible during interviews or while on stage. (Note: emphasis the pronunciation of the word as much as possible without looking weird)


3- at the start of each year, tweet something about E3 and start hyping it by saying you're "looking forward to it it" and you're "doing something different", something similar to that, without actually saying anything specific


3- when asked about a short coming. Always be vague, never say something specific, and try to put in phrases like "what's good for the industry" in there.


4- congratulate Sony every now and then, and compliment Nintendo every now and then to seem like a "nice guy"


5- leave the massive spinning and shit talk for greenberg. 


6- wear t-shirts with game logos on them (try to make them indie games as much as possible) so people thibk you give a shit. 


I wish someone would make a ken kutaragi thread. It would be savage.