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Barkley said:
duduspace1 said:

Yeah, it does look like he has an agenda of sorts along those lines. Its either that or a fetish of sorts.

If there's nothing in his post to disprove, then whining about how he has an agenda is just that, whining. If you don't like a post you disprove it, not attack the person making it.

"Ever heard the term if you have nothing nice to say to keep quiet ? " - This is also an agenda.

His posts have indeed been disproved times without number leading only constantly to shifting of goalposts and derailing threads. His Falling off a cliff gaffe is indeed stuff of legend.

And yes, he does have an history of always being negative about Nintendo, it shouldn't be very hard for you to disprove that assertion of mine in over 5000+ posts of his, I challenge you to find just one which is not negative about Nintendo........since it seems you like proving or disproving irrelevant stuff.


I rest my case, lest I become even more like him.