duduspace1 said:
quickrick said:

your post is waste of time, the info is legit. if you don't want to believe it, just leave the thread. people that are familiar with resetera know the source is reliable, and you do this everytime there is bad news about nintendo.   

His post actually makes a lot of sense if you read it. The information in the post from Resetera (Rumor or truth) applied solely to Gamestop. That does not reflect in the thread title. A Mod should edit the thread title for accuracy.

gamestop still has the biggest marketshare of video game market sales, but i agree it should be added to the OP. as for this being a rumor, it's not, resetera mods will ask for proof for anybody claiming to have insider sales info, i have seen 2 people get banned within minutes, after giving false info.