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Miyamotoo said:

How we can know that he is inisder with Gamestop, from OP you dont know anuthing. This dont means that labo will flop, when people alaredy like to post posts from people from Resetera, MatPiscatella The NPD Group - Video Game Industry Analyst Verified User :

"Not sure Labo should be judged until we get through December".


if you know how resetera works then you know he would be banned by now, not to mention people have confirmed he's a insider a few pages back.


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Barkley said: 

Benji a couple of posts down says "I agree with the labo assessment" there's enough of a source to be worthy of a thread even if you don't like the message.

Maybe it will pick up in December, frankly I hope not, I'd rather Nintendo put effort into something else.

LOL he always does this, questions the source every time he doesn't like what he hears. if its from resetera and the source is not banned or questioned heavily by members then its legit 99.9% of the time.


That don't have anything with what I wrote, and its dumb to think that people from here need to reads pages on Resetera to find out who is guy on witch post this thread is made, when you make thread you have to gave informations about source, not just what it looks like some post of from random guy, OP needed to include thats this Gamestop insaider at least, and that "Nintendo Labo is trending below expectations in Gamestop".