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HyrulianScrolls said:

Thanks for the responses guys. I'll probably pass on Bloodborne and Nioh, just because the Souls games aren't really my thing, and both seem very much in the vein of those. I hope to play all the ones in my OP eventually, but for now just trying to decide on one. And considering all the games coming this year and how backlogs go, realistically whichever one I go with first may be the only one I actually do end up getting around to. The consensus definitely seems to be between Persona 5 and Nier, so that helps me narrow it down. Hiku's post on Nier is definitely making me tempted to go with that. The variety in gameplay looks really intriguing.

Hikus post is really good and the video he posted is spot on about the game, it does a great job at describing why the game is so amazing and its also the Nier Automata review with the highest view count on Youtube, (despite coming from a small channel at least compared to IGN and the others), and i think the reason as to why is because so many people agree with what the guy is saying, about how Automata despite being celebrated by the gaming media is still pretty underrated and deserves better, (and i completely agree with that).

And even then you still have people like this on the comment section of that video

I recommend you absolutely play both Nier Automata and P5, but i also see that you are worried about your backlog and you want to get on with it, in which case thats another strong point for Nier since its a shorter game than P5 (so i recommend going with that one first and later on grabbing P5, there may even be a definitive edition later on much like Persona 4 Golden).

Keybladewielder said:

I couldn't agree more with eveything you said.

Nier Automata is one of the most memorable games I have ever played and it has my  favorite story in any video game and honestly I doubt anything will ever surpass it. I still think about it even though it's been months since I finished it. Seeing those pics in your post even makes me nostalgic. The game is just incredible and unique.

Same dude, it became my favorite game ever and despite the fact that im sure im gonna love GOW i have no hopes that it will surpass Nier for me, in fact i dont think there is gonna be a game that does that in a long time from now.