All I want for next gen is backwards compatibility and a choice between true 4k, or 60 FPS in the options menu of all games. After that, just give us games on the technical level of GoW and I'm good. 

No backwards compatibility, and I'm going to wait two years after the launch of the PS5. $400 for a 4K, or a 60 FPS system is just too much money. If I could trade in my PS4 towards it for $150 off, then I'd bite, since it would only cost me $250 to upgrade. 

Aside from faster loading times, bigger HD and a billion times more RAM going from PS3 to PS4 wasn't that big of an upgrade. We're really running up against the wall here with graphics. Next gen, graphics won't depend on the hardware, but rather the talent of the studio behind the game. GoW looking as good as it does on base PS4 is proof of that. 

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