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All of those are great, I don't know if you ever played the original nier, not many people (or even knows it exists) have which saddens me since if you played the original nier I feel you would have a better appreciation for nier automata, granted the original nier gameplay wise gets completely obliterated by nier automata but Music wise, Story wise, character wise, emotionalness and in uniqueness the original game is perfect to me. But honestly you cant go wrong with any game you mentioned, if you want bang for your buck it should take atleast close to 100 hours to beat persona 5 your first playthrough.

Also while not as critically acclaimed or popular as those games I would you should give digimon cyber sleuth a try, they are pretty similar to shin megami tensei games with a mix of pokemon and you dont really have to be a fan of digimon to play it, it's also got a pretty good and surprisingly adulterated story at times.