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So with a huge new game in my fav Sony exclusive franchise - God of War - coming out for PS4 (plus TLoU 2 this year or next), I could no longer resist the system and finally caved! Especially once those reviews for GoW hit!! I just got a pretty good deal on ebay for the ps4 slim Uncharted 4 bundle. I'm obviously getting GoW next week, but I need help deciding which JRPG I should get? I'm incredibly torn between these 4: Nier: Automata, Ni No Kuni II, Monster Hunter World, and Persona 5. I really only have time and money for one of these for the time being. I'm sure I would enjoy all four considering the praise they've all garnered and all look appealing to me.

I played and loved the first Ni No Kuni on the PS3 and am a huge Ghibli nut, so loved the homage.

Nier looked very intriguing to me last year and made me want a PS4. I know it's more in the action vein than RPG, but I absolutely love the Bayonetta games as far as PlatinumGames goes.

I've never actually played a Monster Hunter game extensively, but I did have 4U on the 3ds and I know it's something I would have enjoyed had I not had too much going on at the time and been able to really invest the time.

I've also never played a Persona game, but I'm always a fan of a good JRPG and both Persona 4 and 5 got some of the best reviews ever in the genre. So, suggestions appreciated on your favorite of these from anyone. I know I'm not making it easy since I'm prone to like any of these honestly.