StreaK said:
VGPolyglot said:
Maybe 10 million, but I see that more as the ceiling rather than the floor.

It'll do close to 10 million in its FIRST year! Over 9 million for sure, that's my prediction.

Agreed. After Horizon did 8 million in its first year, I’d be more surprised if GoW—with all the things it has going for it—DIDN’T do 10 mill in its first year. And preorders seem to be clearly confirming how big its sales will be. GoW has had 3-5 individual SKUs all in the top 40 on Amazon, Gamestop, and Best Buy since 2 days ago—8 days from release. Current placings:  Gamestop:  #1/2/8/16/22; Amazon:  #1/17/42; Best Buy:  #1/2/5/34

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