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Johnw1104 said:
d21lewis said:
This video was uploaded in March...

*Puts on tin foil hat*

lol you really should avoid RT, it's little more than Putin's personal video blog.

They'd been blaming everyone under the sun outside of Assad for multiple chemical attacks dating back to near the start of the Arab Spring... heck, Russia blamed three seperate people in succession for the attacks in 2013, saying it was rebels, then someone I've since forgotten, but finishing by claiming the UK gave the chemical weapons to that volunteer white helmet rescue force to use (lol) in order to serve as an excuse for an attack.

Of course, the western world settled that particular issue by signing a deal with Russia and Assad saying there'd be no further use of chemical weapons and that they'd stop producing them/destroy their supply, so those motives seem pretty unlikely given they didn't act on them whatsoever. :p

This "false flag" accusation has been cast about every time they've been used, but if it had been an actual false flag the western powers would have actually capitalized on one of them and invaded by this point. Occam's razor suggests that the local regime, headed by a murderous autocrat which actually possesses all of the chemical weapons that have so far been used and has been linked to their use time after time, may in fact be behind some of these attacks heh

you truly need to wake the hell up


we have past evidence of western powers lying to push conflicts



we know that the rebels have links to groups pushing sharia law


the united states has confirmed that the rebels use chemical weapons


we have loads of evidence that it was the rebels who were backed by the us


finally we know that the turmoil in the region was planned


you've commented on this video before and your rebuke was supposedly that they've attacked iraq... i was so taken aback i didn't even bother responding since all of the named countries have either been destroyed or are being agitated against


anyone with common sense should wonder how the intention could be to help the syrian people by fucking bombing them... and not just bombing them but by bombing the facilities where the chemicals are being stored... i mean jesus christ you don't have to be a rocket scientist to put two and two together here


...the information is out there for anyone who wants to stop being a puppet