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palou said:
Trumpstyle said:

Also people not to stop worrying about a "conflict" between Russia and Usa, if there ever will be one Russia dies in 2 seconds. People need to learn Russia is a weak country now where theirs GDP is lower than Italy's.

True, of course. I have my doubts that the US would be in a good shape after that, though. It's much, much, much harder to create a system of defence impenetrable to a missile than creating the missile itself. 

We're reliant on the fact that Russia has the good sense to know that it isn't in their interest to start a war.

No one wins when the missils start flying... no one.

MAD = mutually assured destruction

Trumpstyle, theres no case where you can handle all the missils the russia could fire,... so even if you destroy russia, they ll surely destroy the usa too.
There can be no winners, dont fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

Theres no good outcome to a war between the US and Russia.