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Trumpstyle said:

Also people not to stop worrying about a "conflict" between Russia and Usa, if there ever will be one Russia dies in 2 seconds. People need to learn Russia is a weak country now where theirs GDP is lower than Italy's.

This is so true ... (too many people overestimate the global impact of Russia) 

The age of Russia or the USSR being a "superpower" are well past it's prime. Russia are making these moves not because they truly want to face the world but because they and Putin are desperate about preserving Russian history and culture where their nation is becoming more irrelevant in the past and coming years on the global stage ... (they desire to be isolationist to defend themselves, not to intentionally start wars) 

Russia is arguably going to be more scared shitless of it's rising neighbor from the south than America since their an immediate threat at their doorstep when they will have enough geopolitical power to go around and start bullying everyone around it ...